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Assessment of the needs of the elderly
Assessment of the needs of the elderly
  • Activities that the elderly needs help
  • Health Problems
  • Admission Date
  • Value that the family could pay
  • Preference Area
Independent tips and advices
Independent tips and advices
  • The importance of certain issues
  • The diference between the options available
  • Pros and cons of each solution
  • Contributions and social supports
  • Selection and reserach of equipments
Guidance on the first steps to take
Guidance on the first steps to take
  • Rate visited institutions
  • Confirme charged values
  • Confirme offered services
  • Check License
  • Keep the availability
Support throughout the process
Support throughout the process
  • We listen to your biggest concerns
  • We share our extensive knowlodge
  • We discusse the difficulties of the process
  • We look for alternative solutions
  • We celebrate the resolution of the process
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Live the experience of the other families

Mário Carvalho

É de louvar todo o empenho na procura de lar!

Tenho a agradecer a disponibilidade e simpatia dispensada por toda a equipa. Foi preciosa a vossa ajuda a procurar lar, e é de louvar todo o empenho prestado pela Lares Online.
Estamos eternamente gratos!

Sent 12 hours

Ana Paula Araújo

Ajuda rápida a encontrar lar para a mãe do meu marido

Agradeço todo o apoio por parte da equipa Lares Online. Fiz dois telefonemas para a linha de apoio, e a partir daí demorei apenas uma semana a encontrar uma vaga num lar do nosso agrado. A mãe do meu marido está a ser bem tratada e, apesar da demência que tem e de nem sempre saber onde está, gosta de estar no lar em que ingressou. Obrigada!

Sent 2 weeks

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Recommended Services and Equipments

Registered users share their experience and recommend the best services and equipment for the elderly.

Recommended Services and Equipments

Proven Licensed Equipments

It's your choice! Not all equipments are licensed by the Social Security. The ones that are, are identified! The others, are don't.

Proven Licensed Equipments

Certified Professional Images

With this certification, we can ensure that the images you are seeing, is exactly what you will find when visiting the place.

Certified Professional Images

Equipments that may be of interest to you

Bynd Senior Residence Libervita

Alcabideche, Cascais, Lisboa

  • Retirement Homes
  • L Lucrative

Domus Aurea - Residência Sénior

Algueirão-Mem Martins, Sintra, Lisboa

  • Retirement Homes
  • L Lucrative

Casa de Repouso São José de Maria

União das freguesias de Venda do Pinheiro e Santo Estêvão das Galés, Mafra, Lisboa

  • Retirement Homes
  • L Lucrative

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